Choosing the right plan
Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance - Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for insurance under this policy you must be a:

    • Visitor to Canada; or
    • Canadian resident who is not eligible for benefits under a government health insurance plan; or
    • Person who is in Canada on a work visa; or
    • New immigrant who is awaiting government health insurance coverage from a Canadian province or territory.

Coverage for side trips outside Canada
This insurance provides coverage while travelling outside Canada (excluding your home country) as long as your side trip originates and terminates in Canada and does not exceed the lesser of: 30 days per plan or 49% of the total number of coverage days.

Trip Break
If you have requested and received prior approval from our Assistance Centre, you may return home without terminating your coverage. Your coverage will be suspended but will not terminate after you leave Canada and while you are home. Your suspension of coverage will end and your coverage will be reinstated when you arrive in Canada. There will be no refund of premium for any of the days during your return home.