Savings and Deductibles

50% Canadian Travel Emergency Medical Plan: When purchasing a Single-Trip Emergency Medical plan and all the travel is within Canada.

5% Travel Companion Savings for Any Emergency Medical Plan: This is available on all medical plans.

Family Coverage for Any Emergency Medical Plan: Available for spouse and dependent children when all family members are under age 55. The rate is calculated at 2 x the premium due for the oldest traveller under age 55.

Savings Combinations
All savings can be combined; except the Family Coverage and Travel Companion savings cannot be combined.

Deductible Savings Options
Deductible savings options are not applicable to the Canadian Travel Emergency Medical Plan plan and All-Inclusive plans.

All published rates include a zero deductible. The following deductible options are available for Single-Trip and Multi-Trip Emergency Medical plans only:

Deductible Options*
Applicable Savings
* $USD per insured per claim.