Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


What do I do if the online application doesn't seem to be working properly?
Please contact us at 1-800-565-2338 8:30 am to 8:00 pm (ET), Monday to Friday.


Are there any deductibles under these plans?
The published rates for all Emergency Medical Plans include a $75 deductible. The following deductible options and savings are available for the Emergency Medical plan:

Savings / Surcharge on premium
Deductible amount ($CDN)
5% surcharge
0% surcharge
15% savings
20% savings
25% savings
35% savings

Please note: Deductible amounts apply to emergency medical coverage only. Deductible options are not available on the Trip Interruption or Travel Accident plans.

Is family coverage available?
Yes, family coverage is available for Plan A Emergency Medical and Travel Accident as well as Trip Interruption plans. It is not available for Plan B. Family coverage covers the applicant, the applicant’s spouse and dependent children, and all family members must be under age 60. Plan A Emergency Medical (which includes Travel Accident) is 2X the premium due for the oldest traveller under age 60. Trip Interruption and Travel Accident is 3X the premium due for the oldest traveller under age 60.

What if an insured traveller needs or wants to stay longer than planned?
To extend the insured’s coverage, the insured must make the request before the expiry date or the scheduled date of return (as per the confirmation). If the insured has not had a change in their health status and has not had any event since their effective date of insurance that has resulted or may result in a claim, the extension may be issued upon request. If the insured has a medical condition or pending claim, the extension is subject to the approval of the Assistance Centre.

Are refunds available?
A refund is available if the applicant cancels the policy at any time before the effective date of insurance (minimum $25.00).

When an insured obtains Canadian government health insurance plan coverage from a Canadian province or territory, or returns home before the scheduled return date as per the confirmation, and no claim has been initiated or reported or assistance services have not been provided, refunds are available for the unused days of the trip.

Why are premiums calculated on the insured’s age at the time of the effective date instead of on the date of application?
Under the policy, ‘age’ is defined as the insured’s age on the effective date of coverage. In order to keep in line with that policy definition, the age used in calculating the daily premium should be the insured’s age at the effective date of coverage.

Why does the client have to call the Assistance Centre prior to receiving any medical treatment?
We ask the client to call our Assistance Centre so that we can confirm, with their health care provider, their enrolment under the plan, manage the benefits in accordance with their policy, and, when possible, avoid any out-of-pocket expenses for them. If they do not call the Assistance Centre, they will have to pay 20% of the medical expenses normally covered under this policy. If it is medically impossible for the client to call, they must have someone call on their behalf. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the Assistance Centre has been notified.

Would Manulife pay if the client does not call the Assistance Centre prior to seeking treatment for benefits 5 to 10 in the policy?
If the insured does not call, they may have to pay 20% of the medical expenses. The policy contract states that benefits 5 to 10 will only be covered if they have been authorized and arranged by the Assistance Centre.

What is the maximum number of coverage days under this policy?
Under this policy, the maximum number of coverage days is 365 days.

How can an applicant fill out an application if he/she is not here?
To apply for coverage, an applicant or someone on his/her behalf may complete and sign the Visitors-to-Canada application. If someone other than the applicant completes the application, that person must ensure that he/she has full knowledge of the applicant’s health information to complete the application accurately. Any incorrect statements on the application may make the policy null and void.

What is the Trip Break benefit?
This insurance allows the policyholder to return home without terminating their coverage, if the policyholder has requested and received prior approval from the Assistance Centre. Coverage will be suspended but will not be terminated while the policyholder is at home. The suspension of coverage will end and coverage will be reinstated when the policyholder arrives back in Canada. There will be no refund of premium for any of the days during any return home. Note: this policy will not cover any expenses or benefits relating to any emergency medical and non-emergency medical services for any injury that occurred or illness that started at home.

Does this policy cover newborns?
In order to be covered under this plan, children* have to be at least 30 days old.

*Child, Children means your unmarried, dependent son or daughter, who travels with you during your trip and is:
a) at least 30 days of age but under 21 years of age; or
b) over 21 years of age and mentally or physically disabled and dependent on you for support.