Refunds and Extensions

  • The policyholder may cancel this insurance at any time before the effective date.
  • If the policyholder returns home early, the policyholder can apply for a refund of the premiums (minimum $25.00) for the unused coverage providing there has been or will be no claim reported or initiated against the policy, that no assistance service has been provided and that the policyholder has mailed a written refund request within 5 days of the policyholder's return, along with proof of the date they actually returned home.
  • All travellers insured under the same policy must return together for a refund to be possible.
Refunds and Cancellations are not permitted on Trip Cancellation/Interruption, All-Inclusive and Multi-Trip All-Inclusive plans.


Extensions are available if, at the time the applicant applies for an extension, the applicant has not had an event that resulted in or may result in a claim against the policy and there has been no change in the applicant's health status, and if the applicant's trip, including the extension, does not exceed the duration outside of Canada allowed by the insured's government health insurance plan.