To apply for coverage, the applicant must complete the application for insurance no longer than 365 days* prior to the effective date of insurance.

  • The policy may only be issued in Canada and coverage must not exceed 365 days.
  • Application for insurance may be made before or after arrival in Canada. The applicant will be subject to a waiting period if insurance is purchased after arrival in Canada.
  • All applicants must meet the Eligibility Requirements. Plan B applicants who are 40 years of age or older must complete the Medical Questionnaire to determine eligibility for Plan B.
  • A waiting period will apply, except in the case of injury, if insurance is purchased after arrival in Canada or after the expiry date of an existing Visitors to Canada policy issued by us.
  • On the effective date of insurance, the applicant must be in Canada and meet the eligibility requirements.
  • The applicant may not be covered under more than one plan during a trip.
  • A $75 (CDN) deductible will apply to each Emergency Medical claim made under this policy, unless the applicant chose No Deductible, $500 Deductible or $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000 Deductible option per claim and paid the applicable premium.
*Exception: Unless the applicant is applying for a visa and requires proof of insurance more than 365 days prior to the effective date of insurance.

Eligibility requirements

The applicant is not eligible for coverage for any plan if the applicant:
  1. is travelling against the advice of a physician;
  2. has been diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 2 years to live;
  3. has a kidney condition requiring dialysis;
  4. has used home oxygen during the 12 months prior to the date of application;
  5. has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, or any other form of dementia;
  6. is under 30 days or over 85 years of age (over 69 years of age for $150,000 Single-Trip Emergency Medical coverage);
  7. resides in a nursing home, home for the aged, other long term care facility or rehabilitation centre; and/or
  8. requires assistance with eating, bathing, using the toilet, changing positions (including getting in and out of a bed or chair) and dressing.
Plan B
To be eligible for Plan B, applicants must:
    • be between the ages of 30 days and 85 years (69 years if purchasing $150,000);
    • truthfully answer ‘No’ to all questions on the Medical Questionnaire if 40 years of age or older.