Application and Medical Questionnaire

  • Must be completed within 180 days of the effective date.
  • Single-Trip plans must be purchased for the entire duration of the trip that is out of Canada.
If a paper-based application is being used, then the customer must sign the application and return it to us.

Eligibility and Rate Category

At the time of application, if the applicant is:

Under Age 60: Automatically qualifies for Rate Category A and does not need to complete the medical questions for eligibility or for rate category.

If not eligible to purchase this insurance
If the applicant is 60 or over and is not eligible to purchase this insurance, the applicant can apply for emergency medical coverage under Manulife’s Individual Medical Underwriting Plan, by calling 1-877-884-8283 or (519) 251-7417. The applicant will need to be able to answer questions related to the applicant's health status and will need to know the applicant's travel dates in order to receive a quote. This quote will match the applicant's specific health needs and circumstances. When the applicant pays the quoted premium, the applicant's pre-existing conditions will be covered during the applicant's trip under the Individual Medical Underwriting Plan.

Instructions for Brokers and Clients (PDF)