Wallet Card

    • The Wallet Card is found in the policy.
    • The Wallet Card includes telephone numbers in case of an emergency or if an extension is required.
    • The Wallet Card and Manulife Travel Insurance policy should be kept with the insured at all times when traveling.
Don't forget...
    • Make sure the application and confirmation are signed and dated prior to the effective date. If coverage is not arranged prior to the effective date, coverage begins on the day following Manulife's or the advisor/agent’s receipt of the executed confirmation form and payment. In the event we are unable to process payment, coverage will not be in effect.
    • To contact the Assistance Centre before receiving treatment while on a trip. Manulife Travel Insurance has a 20% coinsurance provision that may limit the benefits if a call is not received. In addition, specific covered eligible benefits may be limited or not covered if the Assistance Centre has not been contacted.
    • To read the policy with particular attention to "pre-existing condition" and other exclusions that apply to the coverage.